Lembrion de Narcotique


Lembrion de Narcotique
Born: 2016
Sex: Hengst
Color: Vos
Pole stock: 168
Breeder: Peter Snijders
% whole blood: 40,43
Predicates: approved AES
Lembrion de Narcotique

Great moving stallion from Diamant de Semilly. He was the AES champion stallion in 2019 and comes from the famous BWP line 34 (Joris de Brabander). He goes back through the 1.40 jumping Quechua de Muze to Narcotique de Muze II and Qerly Chin, who both jumped 1.60 and brought several 1.50/1.60 horses and approved stallions.

Lembrion de Narcotique was approved as stud for the AES in 2019.

Lembrion on Horsetelex

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Lembrion de Narcotique

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